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    EFI Linux VM Export Bug

    melnik07 Lurker

      Hi there,


      Looks like the old bug with EFI Linux VM Export (to ovf/ova) still in place in Workstation.


      The imported VM shows a boot failure error message "EFI SCSI Hard Drive... unsuccessful"

      until original nvram file has been copied.


      How to reproduce:


      1. Download/Install latest Workstation;

      2. Create EFI Linux VM;

      3. Export it to ovf/ova;

      4. Import again to Workstation and/or to ESXi;

      5. A boot failure error message is shown.


      Potential solution:

      NVRAM file should also be exported in ovf/ova along with other files if

      1. A source VM type is Linux;

      2. Firmware of VM is EFI.