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    1 Disk vSAN

    Gr4cchus Lurker

      Is it possible to create a 1 disk vSAN? Attempted this but vSAN is currently complaining about not having the capacity or flash disk depending on which option is chosen. Id prefer to not have to use both the nvme and ssd. Just trying to share a small file persistently between esxi hosts and thought this might temporarily work.

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          daphnissov Guru
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          No, this is not how vSAN is designed to work.

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            TheBobkin Virtuoso
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            Hello Gr4cchus,


            As daphnissov said, this is not how vSAN works.

            Cache-tier and Capacity-tier play different roles - the former stores metadata relating to the data stored on the Disk-Group and is used for caching data (e.g. so that you don't have to wait for data to be written to slower devices for the IOs to be committed), the latter stores the actual data - thus you can't have a Disk-Group without either component as they serve different purposes and are dependent on one another.