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    NSX-T 3.0 ESXi host CLI documentation

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         I read in some communities and blogs that they use in the ESXi hosts the same CLI commands that are used in the NSX Manager and Edge Nodes (example "get logical-routers", "get interfaces", etc.) but when I try to use them in the ESXi host CLI those commands don't exist. Perhaps they did exist on the earlier version of the NSX-T but don't in 3.0 at least.
         I came across in one of the blogs that somebody used a command "nsxdp-cli" command that worked to me.


        Is there any documentation about what commands I could use inside the ESXi CLI in order to troubleshoot NSX-T issues. For example, how can I see a Tier-0 or Tier-1 DR instance interfaces and forwarding table that is running inside one ESXi host transport node?


      Thank you in advance,