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    Disk Cache setting is absent

    EZn Lurker

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Log-Insight/8.1/com.vmware.log-insight.administration.doc/GUID-956EC67B-44B4-44BB-AF24-0DE4377F725C.html

      Topic Name : Add a vRealize Log Insight Event Forwarding Destination

      Publication Name : Administering vRealize Log Insight

      Product/Version : vRealize Log Insight/8.1

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      I am using Log Insight 8.1.0-15994158 and there's no "Disk Cache" option under Advanced settings in Event Forwarding -New Destination menu. I see only Port and Worker Count settings, however i can change "disk cache" at  /internal/config but everywhere in documentation mentioned that this setting should be available in Event Forwarding, do i need any special condition to get it? Thank you.