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    VMware 7.0 - Workload Management and NSX-T 3.0

    Marcin4 Enthusiast


      Hypervisior: ESXi 7.0 + vCenter 7.0

      Networking: NSX-T 3.0


      So i've deployed my NSX-T 3.0, with all components so my T0 router exchange BGP routes with my phsyicial router.


      When I depolyed my first Cluster and then Namespace withing VMware vCenter -> Workload Management.


      I can not go in to my namespace CLI Tool, when i click Open, trying to move to CLI Tool I just got "cant reach this page"


      Then i found out that, my physicial router dose not learn any routes from my NSX T-0 Router.

      I've checked the T-0 "Route Redistribution" and i found out that while depolying Supervisor Cluster he also added an IP Prefix, that deny trafic to my Pods, any one knows why that happen ?


      How can I connect to my pods ??