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    Adding Identity Source fails LDAP/LDAPS

    MASTEP8328234 Novice

      Topic Name : Active Directory LDAP Server Identity Source Settings

      Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.7 Appliance

      Question :

      Want to add new identity source with LDAPS to our Active Directory Server. But all i tried failed.

      At the moment we use windows integrated active directory setting to the same windows domain.


      A check with curl to the needed ips and ports from appliance ssh root user was ok.

      I get this error: Check the network settings and make sure you have network access to the identity source.


      Also ports are open and firewall settings on windows were ok. ldp.exe is running on windows with port 636 and i can access and

      bind with a user account.


      Can someone help?


      Greets Marko

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