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    Problem adding more than three ESXi-hosts to VCSA

    ManP3082 Lurker

      Hi together


      We have VMWare farm with ESXi-Hosts (vSphere Enterprise), administrated in a vCenter Standard VCSA.

      Everything's fine.


      We have also some branch ESXi-Hosts (vSphere Essentials), three of them administrated in a vCenter Essentials VCSA.

      But now there was a fourth branch ESXi-Hosts (vSphere Essentials) installed, and when I'm trying to add it in the VCSA, it tells me that only three hosts are able to administrated in this VCSA version.


      My question is: is there any option, where I'm able to administrate all branch Essential ESXi-hosts in one VCSA?


      Thank you guys