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    Vagrant desktop provider with VMWare WorkStation Pro trial

    MohanRa Lurker


              Can I use the trial version to bring up a vagrant machine ? I am exploring some options. This didn't work. Guest OS is WIndows 10.


      C:\VMware>vagrant up --provider vmware_workstation

      Bringing machine 'default' up with 'vmware_workstation' provider...

      ==> default: Checking if box 'hashicorp/precise64' version '1.1.0' is up to date...

      ==> default: Verifying vmnet devices are healthy...

      ==> default: Preparing network adapters...

      ==> default: Starting the VMware VM...

      An error occurred while executing `vmrun`, a utility for controlling

      VMware machines. The command and output are below:



      Command: ["start", "C:\\VMware\\.vagrant\\machines\\default\\vmware_workstation\\cb10593f-e702-43d8-b354-7f6db1e7c172\\precise64.vmx", "nogui", {:notify=>[:stdout, :stderr], :timeout=>45}]



      Stdout: Error: Unknown error