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    VMware Authorization Service failed to start VM Workstation 15.5

    pddiste Lurker

      Please look the attachment msg error.

      I can try to manually start the VM Autotization sevice but not run.

      Thank and REgards


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          Mits2020 Enthusiast

          First, let's try to see if the service exists and that you can start it manually: Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) or alternatively press <Windows key>+R. Then type services.msc and press Enter. You will see a list of Local Services running on your PC. Scroll down to locate the entry VMWare Autorization Service.


          1. If the service exists, in the column Status you will see if it's Started or Stopped. If the Startup Type is not Automatic, you should set it so, by double-clicking on the Service and selecting Automatic.

          The panel on the left should provide the options for this service, namely to Stop or Start or Restart the service. Try Start or Restart and see if the VMWare Autorization Service status becomes Started


          2. If the VMWare Autorization Service is not listed, then you should attempt first a repair installation. If that does not fix it, then do a total removal and reinstallation using the latest version.


          If the above did not help, you should provide more details, like VMware version, Windows version, etc. and when the problem started to appear (e.g. did it happen after a particular Windows update?)


          Hope this helps. More experienced users will surely have more ideas.