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    "This Door is Locked" when Save&Assign App after changing to Multi-Factor Authentication / SSO

    AlexanderPBrown Lurker

      Currently, in Workspace One when attempting to change assignments for an iOS App, we select Applciations Detail View -> Edit -> Save and Assign and receive "The Door is Locked" message.  Sometimes this error occurs in different places, but we have been unable to change an assignment.


      We are in a bit of pickle in getting resolution to our problem.


      We are in the progress of migrating off of AirWatch Workspace One and moving to another vendor and management made the decision to allow our support contract to expire - as the system has been relatively trouble-free and we aren't expecting on using any new features between now and the final transition.   So, we do not currently have permission to open a ticket, not do we have the chat feature in the portal.


      We also just added MFA / SSO security to Workspace One as requested by our IT Information Security team and were suspicious this was the cause.  However, we turned this off again for this user as part of the troubleshooting procedure and the problem persists.


      We have already attempted switching to the root OG, that does not solve our problem.


      Please advise - we are relying on the Community for ideas here.