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    Device compliance checks when accessing apps via Chrome

    tal2020 Lurker



      We're considering using Workspace ONE to provide an SSO experience to employees using personal Windows 10 devices and Chrome as their browser.

      We want to make sure an employee can only access corporate apps if their device is marked as compliant in Workspace ONE UEM (e.g. if they turned off the Anti Virus, we want to make sure they cannot access corporate apps via the app portal).


      • Can that work? can employees keep using their Chrome browser to access corporate apps while we still enforce their device is compliant?
      • How does it work? how does Workspace ONE know that the device they're using is compliant if they're using Chrome assuming Chrome isn't aware of Workspace ONE?
      • Do users need to install any Chrome extension to make this work?
      • Will it work with other browsers too? (e.g. Firefox)


      Any details or insight here would be much appreciated.