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    WS1 managed app removal

    culugne Lurker



      is there a way to forbid users to remove managed applications but let they uninstall private installed apps?



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          AntonThirifays Novice

          Hi culugne


          you can't forbid to remove a managed app but you can create app compliance list that would force a repush of the app when the device is tested for compliance and console sees the app has been removed.

          Eventually, you'll discourage users from removing the apps

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            LukeDC Expert

            If this is for iOS you could apply a home screen layout. That seems top stop apps from being removed. But that also would stop apps that they install from being removed as well.


            Consider using the new user enrollment models or work profiles in Android Enterprise. Keeps your managed stuff in your space and keeps you out of the private spaces.

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              culugne Lurker



              i will try this path but I hope this feature is implemented soon.

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                culugne Lurker

                Yes, this is a IOS environnement.


                Already tried home screen and dock layout setting, this feature forbids the removal of all apps (managed and private) so it's not an option.


                I'm reading about the new  user enrollment models, it's very interesting if users use BYOD but I need to manage the devices because they're company owned.


                Thank you very much for your reply.