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    Can not install VMware host OS onto VMware machine

    James8760 Lurker


      I have been trying to install VMWare machine on my computer. It was installed. However when I tried to install windows XP, the following information pop up:


      VMware Workstation and Device/Credential Guard are not compatible. VMware Workstation can be run after disabling Device/Credential Guard. Please visit http://www.vmware.com/go/turnoff_CG_DG for more details


      I followed the instruction on VMWare website, changed some registry, .... , I could not install windows XP still.

      This is a HP zbook G5, running windows 10 1909. VMware is workstation 15.2.


      I have a Lenovo computer running windows 10 1909 as well. The installation of VMWare workstation 15.5 was straight forward.

      Can anyone help on this?

      Thank you,