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    Network Permissions Do Not Propagate

    cseasholtz Lurker



      I am trying to set up an environment for my students using the ESXi and VCSA 6.7 from VMAP. I have everything done, except for the networking. I have set up a Distributed Switch and individual Distributed Port Groups for each class. I have created a role with that allows students to assign networks, but when I create a new permission, assign the role to the Distributed Switch, and check the box for Propagate to children, it doesn't propagate. The newly assigned permissions show up on the switch, but not on any of the associated port groups.


      Permissions propagate for folders, resource pools, and datastores, so I feel like I am missing something because it isn't working for networks. Is that working as intended or is it a bug? Has anyone come across this and have a solution?


      Edit: I downloaded and performed a clean install of VCSA 7 to see if it solved the problem, but it didn't.