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    VRA 8.1 Active Directory Integration Issue

    siglert Hot Shot

      I am deploying a multi-machine blueprint where by the users picks any number of web app and db servers and then sends the request.   The request starts to run and using the AD integration plugin it tries to go out and pre-stage computer accounts for the machines in the specified OU.  I am getting intermittent success.  It is not consistent.  When it fails it is due to a java.util.concurrent.TimeOut Exception.   At first I considered it was due to me using the SPN of the name as the AD controller.  So I changed that and am now pointing to a specific Domain controller.  I still get the errors more often than not.  I get a successful run about 1 out of 5 times.  I know its not anything in the blueprint it has to be in the AD Plugin or there may be an issue on my clients AD Domain.  Here is a failed workflow run showing that it fails at the PRESTAGE_COMPUTER_ACCOUNT.  Any help troubleshooting would be appreciative.