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    ubuntu host, win10 guest: bluetooth microphone does not work

    MarkZed Lurker

      Host: Ubuntu 20.04 (recently upgraded from 18.04)

      Guest: Windows 10 version 1909

      Workstation Pro 15.5


      I have a Bluetooth headset connected to the host. In Settings->Sound->Input (on the host) the headset is selected as the input device, and the dashed indicator shows that the mic is working.

      In the Windows 10 guest, I can hear audio through the Bluetooth headset, but the microphone doesn't work. For example in Settings->System->Sound under "Test your microphone", the bar is completely gray (no sound).


      Everything was working fine until today. This may have been the first time I tried using the headset on the Windows guest since I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04, but not certain of that.


      Thanks in advance.

      Mark Z.