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    Geofencing iPads or what is the best way to deter theft?

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      We're handing out iPads to patients to keep them entertained while they aren't allowed to have visitors. I'm trying to prevent people from taking them home with them. Before I get started with anything, yes they're setup in DEP. What do you think would be the best way to either prevent people from taking them home or would encourage them to be returned? Physically locking them down isn't really feasible.


      I thought setting up a geofence with the iPads would be the best thing to encourage them to be returned. I tried to setup a single app profile to install once they left our main campus, but it doesnt seem to do anything.

      • I enabled collection of location data
      • I configured an area
      • I installed Hub on all of the devices
      • I created a profile that puts the ipad in single app mode if it's in the area (I realize this is backwards)


      The iPad won't install or uninstall the profile, I put it in my car and drove it home a few times and nothing changes. I've had an open ticket for a week or two, but they can't even tell me if this is possible.

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          Also have this question, anyone?

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            chengtmskcc Expert

            Hi all,


            We constantly share this concern with our shared iPhone/iPad not just for patients but also for employees as well. Depending on the use case, there are several options.


            Take the patient's iPad as an example. At the minimum we enable 'Force WiFi whitelisting' so that the iPad won't be able to connect any WiFi outside of the hospital network. We also, of course, push down only approved apps via VPP and hide the App Store to further discourage the user from taking the iPad home. I thought of enabling geofencing either on top of the above or as an alternative, but I'm concerned the iPad would just be dead in the water as none of them has an active SIM card. Either way, we are far ahead than most if not all as long as our devices are supervised.