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    vSAN Adapter status show collection failed

    MissHedyKuo Lurker

      Hi all,


      We have a VDI environment running on two vCenter Server.

      One is running as the vCenter Server Role of Horizon environment (VC1), and the other is created by VxRail Manager(VC2) which provide the vSAN datastore to VDI virtual machines.


      We create a vRealize Operation Manager to collect the information of Horizon environment and vSAN datastore recently.

      The vSphere adapter could collect both two vCenter server information and horizon adapter can collect the information from connection server.

      However, the status of vSAN adapter shows "Collection Failed".

      I tried reboot the vRealize Operation Manager Appliance, but when I saved the vSAN adapter settings, we get the below error message.

      We are sure the credential of vSAN Adapter is correct and we can see the certificate information of the vCenter server.

      Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

      Thanks a lot!



      vRealize Operation Manager 7.5

      vRealize Operation Manager for Horizon 6.6.1


      vCenter Server 6.5u2 (VC1)


      vCenter Server Appliance U2C (VC2)ESXi 6.5 EP11