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    Need help

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      Hi there, I'm a newbie and I don't honestly know whether I post my topic in the right place. If something go wrong, please forgive m

      Actually, I have problem. I upgraded my VMware Ubuntu 18.04 to 18.10. After the upgrade it was working fine until I shutdown and restarted the VM, and now it won't display in full screen. Can you guys show me some suggestion to deal with this problem?

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          Can you please give more details about your VMware software ? is it ESXi, workstation, Fusion..?


          More generally you have a VMware tools menu on top of your window that propose you to toggle between windowed, small or full screen mode.

          So, based on this go on docs.vmware.com and choose your VMware software and search for : "vmware tools full screen"


          if there's really an issue, you should post in the right communities section: vSphere, Fusion, workstation, etc....