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    hcmon: Detected unrecognized USB driver

    tuaris Novice

      Using VMWare Workstation 15.5.2 build-15785246 on Windows 7 x64 Version 6.1.7601.  My Event log is getting spammed with the message "Detected unrecognized USB driver" more than several times a second.


      <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
        <Provider Name="hcmon" /> 
        <EventID Qualifiers="32768">0</EventID> 
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2020-05-04T20:01:36.084590800Z" /> 
        <Security /> 


      This is not only cluttering up my event log, but also unnecessarily using CPU cycles.  Reducing my systems performance (although not too noticeable), and wasting power.



      Searching through the forums brings up several posts of the same kind with no solution, and no official response from VMWare.  So obviously this is a widespread fault in VMWare Workstation.

      If anything, the wasted power should be more than enough to cause concern at VMWare especially in this day where carbon footprint is major issue.