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    vCenter 6.7 Plugin Icon doesn't appear in vCenter server after doing power Cycle operation on vCenter Server, need to do refresh even its already installed

    jawalevijay05 Lurker

      Hi All,

      We have developed a local plugin with vCenter 6.7 u2 SDK. The plugin is registered through the extension in which we provide the pluginBundle.zip file path which has jar and war file.  When the plugin is installed for 1st time on vCenter we need to re-login/refresh the browser for the plugin to upload and client plugins show that state its In progress and then deployed. But after successful installation, if we do vCenter power off and power on the plugin Icon doesn't appear in vCenter server. We still have to login and then re-login/refresh the vCenter server.


      1. Trying to do Power cycle vCenter Server.(Power off the vCenter server and then after 10 minutes Power ON).

      2. Then login to the vCenter server>> go to shortcut>> here didn't see the plugin icon.  the plugin is there but the icon is missing.

      3. Then also checked in Administration>> Client plugin page.

      4. And after refresh the web browser it shows properly.


      Expected result: Icon should come after a power cycle the vCenter server, without refreshing the browser.