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    Workstation Pro in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ?

    Vincegre Novice



      VMWare states Workstation Pro is compatible with any versions of Ubuntu hosts above 14.04 version but 20.04 version being just released does it work well on it without any problems ? out of the existing crash bug when you suspend a guest system (problem i have already in ubuntu 18.04).

      Someone has been able to test Workstation Pro on Ubuntu 20.04 ?





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          daphnissov Guru
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          Yes, it doesn't support it. Ubuntu 20.04 was literally just released. Give it some time.

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            Vincegre Novice

            Give it some Time ? it has been in beta during months so developpers could adapt/check their apps are compatible with that new version ! Very disappointed to see that VMWare is not ready for that yet All the more with the very confusing statement on their website indicating that Workstation is compatible with all ubuntu versions above 14.04......

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              daphnissov Guru
              vExpertCommunity Warriors

              Don't know what to tell you. I don't make the product nor do I work for VMware. If you want an official response, open a ticket.

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                scott28tt Champion
                VMware EmployeesCommunity WarriorsUser Moderators

                The detailed list of supported host OSes: VMware Knowledge Base

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                  Vincegre Novice

                  Thanks for the list that confirms VWWare use (removed by moderator) marketing verbiage on its main website stating all versions from ... are supported ! First software manufacturer that uses such non-sense verbiage !

                  Looks like we'll have to wait that VMWare discovers that Ubuntu 20.04 has been released and support it....

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                    MJD1791 Lurker

                    GM - I upgraded my PopOS to 20.04 this morning and now I cannot open Workstation Pro. It tells me I need to compile and load into the kernel several modules. The modules are vmmon and vmnet. They crash with the following error message unable to install all modules. see log/tmp/.... I guess I should have waited to upgrade

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                      xemacs Lurker

                      Hello from another update victim. I was very surprised if my VMware WS14 runs unter Ubuntu LTS 20.04 well after automatically compiling the mention modules 'vmmon' and 'vmnet'. But only until the Ubuntu-Updater install Kernel 5.4.x-xx, under this Kernel the compiling of 'vmnet' fails.

                      Kernel 5.3. x-xx works, 5.4 no longer because apparently some libraries in 5.4 changed which will use for 'vmnet' compiling.

                      Temporary work-around for me if I must use VMware, select in Grub the older Kernel or change to VortualBox. Maybe it helps.


                      Greets Ulrich


                      2020-05-14 21:58  Update

                      Solved !

                      I used the actual module releases from mkubecek at Github.com for my enviroment --> Release w14.1.7-k5.5: vmnet: work around skb_frag_t build failure for SLE15-SP2 and openSUS… · mkubecek/vmware-host-modu…

                      Copy this module tarballs as mention in older work arounds and now vmware ws14.1.7 runs. Maybe this information helps for other installations.


                      Greets Ulrich

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                        rkellyspamcopnet Novice

                        Briefly: I installed VMWare Workstation Pro 15.5 in Ubuntu 20.04LTS in late March.  Both Ubuntu and VMWare are clean installs on a 2016 Dell Inspiron 15-3567 that came with Windows 10.  I tried Windows 10, really.  No go - separate topic.


                        So far I have the following issues:


                        1)  Cannot install VMWare Tools in DOS 6.2.2 and Windows 95.  I think these are old issues.  The last report I've found of successful installation in Windows 95 required Workstation virtual machine 4, which is not offered in Workstation 15.5.  I did try with the oldest virtual machine listed - V5.x - but without success -  it still reports "SETUP caused an exception c06d007fH in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0137Lbff9a07c.


                        2) After considerable work, was able to provide the sound driver /dev/dsp to guest DOS 6.2.2, but VMWare cannot open it - reports an I/O error


                        3) Although the Dell and Ubuntu 20.04 supports 3d Graphics, according to glxinfo and glxgears, no guest OS does.  I have installed (multiple times) VMWare tools in Windows XP Pro and WIndows 7 Pro, and have enabled 3D support for Direct X on both guests.  Hardware acceleration yes - 3D no.


                        I plan to collect logs to open a case with VMWare, starting with issue (3) since that one relates to my reason for getting Workstation in the first place.

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                          dariusd Virtuoso
                          VMware EmployeesUser Moderators

                          I can try to answer the VMware Tools and sound parts of your post.


                          I don't think we have ever provided VMware Tools for MS-DOS.


                          We do have VMware Tools for Win95 and it theoretically should work, but Win9x is not renowned for its general stability... Failures installing system software were regrettably commonplace.  I have managed to get it to install recently, but success probably depends on the precise version/update of Win95 in use.


                          For the sound problem... I have been working on improving our sound support in legacy OSes (Sound Blaster 16 on VMware Workstation 15.5 and VMware Fusion 11.5) so if your virtual machine is configured with a Sound Blaster 16 (i.e. sound.virtualDev = "sb16" in its .vmx file) you might be able to use the instructions in the linked document to enable sound on your Ubuntu 20.04 LTS host.  If your VM is configured with an Ensoniq ES1371 (sound.virtualDev is absent or set to "es1371"), it should end up using ALSA support (rather than OSS via /dev/dsp).  (I am working on upgrading that virtual device as well... but we are not there yet.)





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                            rkellyspamcopnet Novice



                            Thanks so much for your response.


                            Your article is one of those I researched while bird-dogging the sound issue in DOS.  So far I am using just the GUI to configure guest hosts - and the DOS  guest gui did not offer ALSA drivers as an option.  I had to run down OSS emulation packages in Ubuntu to even define a /dev/dsp there.  But you've given me more things to try - thanks for that.


                            For now I will be focusing on the 3d graphics issue - didn't see that one coming since the guest installs seemed to be going well up to that point.


                            One step at a time . . .


                            Best regards,



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                              rkellyspamcopnet Novice

                              Well, I did check a bit on the DOS sound issue.  Collected the following bits, in case they afford any illumination:



                              =======>  DOS 6.2.2 startup config   <=========


                              Rem DOS 6.2.2 - config.sys



                              DEVICE=C:\NEC_IDE.SYS /D OEMCD001




                              SHELL=C:\DOS\COMMAND.COM C:\DOS\  /p

                              DEVICE=C:\SB16\DRV\CTSB16.SYS /UNIT=0 /BLASTER=A:220 I:5 D:1 H:7



                              Rem - autoexec.bat

                              @ECHO OFF

                              SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H7 P330 T6


                              MSCDEX.EXE /D:OEMCD001 /L:D

                              PROMPT $p$g

                              PATH C:\DOS

                              SET TEMP=C:\DOS

                              SET SOUND=C:\SB16

                              C:\SB16\DIAGNOSE /S

                              C:\SB16\MIXERSET /P



                              =======> Find “sound” in MS-DOS.vmx:   <=========


                              sound.autoDetect = "TRUE"

                              sound.virtualDev = "sb16"

                              sound.present = "TRUE"



                              =======> Find “sound” in vmware.log:   <=========


                              2020-05-16T13:04:59.940-04:00| vmx| I125: DICT          sound.autoDetect = "TRUE"

                              2020-05-16T13:04:59.940-04:00| vmx| I125: DICT          sound.virtualDev = "sb16"

                              2020-05-16T13:04:59.940-04:00| vmx| I125: DICT             sound.present = "TRUE"

                              . . .

                              2020-05-16T13:04:59.940-04:00| vmx| I125: DICT           tag.soundConfig = "devices_sound.htm"

                              . . .

                              2020-05-16T13:04:59.973-04:00| vmx| I125: SOUNDLIB: SoundLib_CreatePulseBackend: waiting for connection to Pulse server

                              . . .

                              2020-05-16T13:05:00.255-04:00| vcpu-0| W115: SB16 doesn't have ALSA sound support. Falling back to OSS: /dev/dsp.

                              2020-05-16T13:05:00.255-04:00| vcpu-0| I125: Opening sound device for the first time.

                              2020-05-16T13:05:00.263-04:00| vcpu-0| I125: Opened (maybe) sound device for the first time.

                              2020-05-16T13:05:00.263-04:00| vcpu-0| I125: Msg_Post: Warning

                              2020-05-16T13:05:00.263-04:00| vcpu-0| I125: [msg.sound.dspopen] /dev/dsp: Input/output error.

                              2020-05-16T13:05:00.263-04:00| vcpu-0| I125: [msg.device.startdisconnected] Virtual device 'sound' will start disconnected.

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                                dariusd Virtuoso
                                VMware EmployeesUser Moderators

                                Yeah, starting from that configuration, if you set sound.opl3.enabled = TRUE in your .vmx file, your SB16 will magically acquire compatibility with host ALSA and host PulseAudio, and should no longer attempt to use the ridiculously-outdated OSS Open Sound System support.  Everything else there looks fine although it's been a while since I poked around the innards of configuring the MS-DOS SB16 support drivers.  All the ports/IRQs/DMAs look correct. 


                                Let me know if that helps!



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                                  MetalManiac Lurker

                                  I had the same issue and resolved it by upgrading Workstation Pro to version 15.5.2.

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                                    rkellyspamcopnet Novice



                                    I don't find my email response in the thread - not sure why.  But yes - inserting sound.opl3.enabled = TRUE does indeed enable DOS to connect to the host audio.


                                    Thanks again for your help.


                                    Best regards,


                                    Bob Kelly

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