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    Load Balancer as reverse proxy

    btsoh Lurker



      I'm new with NSX and i'm not sure on what i have to do to solve my problem.


      I just want to use load balancer as a reverse proxy.


      We have a simple urt like https://dev.url.com/app1 and https//dev.url.com/app2

      These urls need to be sent to one of our server.

      https://dev.url.com/app1 need to be sent to on port 6061 and https://dev.url.com/app2 need to be sent to on port 9091


      I understand that, in normal case, i have to create an application profile, a pool and a virtual server.

      I mean, it works if we only have only 1 app on the destination server.


      I don't understand how i can configure more than 1 app on 1 server.


      It is needed for us to detect app1, app2, etc... and send it to the correct port number on the destination server...


      Do i need to use application rules?


      English is not my primarly language and i don't know if i'm clear... :s


      Thank you for your help !




      PS: we use NSX 6.4.6