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    vSphere DRS VM Overrides

    insearchof Hot Shot

      VMware VCSA 6.7 ESXI 6.7 U2


      I have two vCenters with 4 ESXiI hosts on each. 

      Have a Datacenter defined and a cluster defined

      My VCSA is in HA mode


      DRS is enabled.

      My VM's move from one host to another using vmotion with no problem.  


      I am using Nagios to monitor all my VM's and ESXI hosts etc.  I had a problem when a VM moves from one host to another Nagios did not know how to see that change It was looking for it to be on the host. So I then added my VM's to the DRS VM override .  Next I found a way for Nagios to check which vCenter the VM was on since in a cluster it does not matter which host it is on.

      I tested by moving VMs manually using vmotion and Nagios still works all good now


      So now I can remove the DRS VM overrides. 


      So my question here is.


      I have VCSA in HA mode which means I have a VCSA-Primary VCSA-passave and VCSA-Witness  they should be on separate Hosts in case of an outage.


      I have found with DRS enabled my VCSA also migrate using vmotion and sometimes they all reside on the same Host


      Is it best practice to let DRS move around the VCSA's?   Should I place the VCSA's in the DRS VM Override?


      Thank you