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    Photo Viewer in Windows 10

    DublChen Novice

      Hello Community!


      I have started testing out new Horizon 7.12 cluster.  I have a Windows 10 v1909 image that we are using.  I have followed a best practice guide for this Master image and used the VMWare Optimization Tool with the v1909 template.  The image works great in the desktops pools except for one thing.  One set of users will need to drop photos on their desktop temporarily to attach to a permits program.  However I think the Optimization Tool has removed the default Windows programs for it.  When you drop photos on the desktop they show the icon for Windows Photos, not the thumbnail, and when you click on them they won't open.  I looked at a couple of troubleshooting tips for Windows 10 that say to look for "Always show icons, never thumbnails" in the View>Options settings, but it is missing.  Have any of you run across this?  Should I start over with a new image for this particular pool?  I have tried installing other photo viewers, but I always get the same results.