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    Running Windows under Fusion in the future

    oaklodge Enthusiast

      I thinking about switching my main machine from Windows to a Mac and running Fusion Pro.


      I've also been reading about Apple developing their own processor for the mac and abandoning intel.

      I realize this is down the road maybe a year or more. However I don't want to invest in a Mac + new software only to be told I can't run Windows anymore.


      Can someone explain the ramifications of Apple developing their own process with regard to being able to run Windows in Fusion on a Mac?




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          dlhotka Virtuoso

          So Fusion (and all the other competitors) are virtualization platforms, not emulation platforms.  That means that they pass through the CPU hardware to the guest.  If Apple were to go exclusively to ARM (which I seriously doubt), it'd be a major effort to provide a platform that could still run windows.


          If Apple actually does this, I suspect we're going to see both ARM and Intel based macs for exactly this reason - there is a substantial portion of Mac users who require Intel.  On top of that, it's a huge burden on software developers to build and test for two different CPU platforms.  


          Keep in mind that a) this is a rumor, and b) that Bloomberg has been peddling this particular rumor for years without it coming to pass.  By the time you have to worry about it, any hardware or software you buy this year will be obsolete.