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    vCenter 6.7 u3f Content Library issues

    erwarren Lurker

      Background:  I have 2 sites, one production, one DR/Dev.  I have setup a Local Content Library in the production site vCenter, and added a Subscribed Automatically Synchronous CL at the DR/Dev site.  Both sites have their respective CL on a volume that is mounted to every host at that site.  In that Content Library, there are both Templates and ISO objects.


      Problem:  From the Production CL I can see and mount any of the ISO images to the VMs as needed.  From the DR/Dev site, I can see the ISOs in the content Library, but cannot mount them to the VM's in that vCenter.  I have an old application that can only be modified from a local ISO, but cannot mount that ISO, even though it is visible in the Subscribed CL.


      Does anyone have any guidance that could help resolve my issue of not being able to mount ISO's out of the content library?