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    Upgrade two 6.5 u2 VCSAs with Embedded PSC and in Linked mode to 6.7 u3, embedded PSC in Linked mode

    kgmartin Novice

      Hello.  My googling skills are proving inadequate with my current question.

      i have two VCSAs running 6.5 u2 each with an embedded PSC and configured in linked mode.  To be honest, i'm not sure if it's considered embedded linked mode or enhanced linked mode.


      Regardless, i want to upgrade them to 6.7 u3, maintaining the linked mode configuration and obviously sticking with embedded PSCs.


      in the past i remember having to break link mode, and upgrade each vcenter separately and then re-establish due to interoperability issues.

      Is that still required, or can they just be upgraded as is and maintain the configuration.


      Is the upgrade as straight forward now as just upgrading each of the VCSAs without having to do anything special for linked mode or is there more to it than that?


      Thank you.