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    Permission denied when connecting network from host pc to guest pc

    best4net92 Lurker

      When accessing SSH and Web from Host PC to Guest PC, permission denied occurs.

      I used it without problem until a week ago, but after this problen suddenly occurs, I am still unable to connect.

      To solve this problem, I have the same problem even if I deleted all security programs such as Windows Firewall and antivirus.

      So, even if I format the host PC and newly install the Vmware workstation, the same problem occurs.


      It is not possible to connect to the guest pc from the host PC such as SSH, Web, or Ping at all.



      My PC environment is as follows.


      * Host PC

        -OS: Windows 10 1909

        -IP address:

        -Network adapter: VMWare Network Adapter VMnet8 (NAT)

        -VMWare Workstation 15.5.2



      * Guest PC

        -OS: CentOS 7.6

        -IP Address:




      * Test method

      1. An error occurs during SSH access using Putty from the Host PC to the Guest PC

         - Network error: Permission denied


      2. When attempting to ping from the Host PC to the Guest PC, connection is not possible


      3. Connection is impossible when pinging from the host PC to the gateway (


      4. Network access from Guest PC to the Internet

        - ping Success

        - Web access (to google): Success


      5. Guest PC-> Access to Guest PC: Success

        - Guest PC (Windows) -> Guest PC (CentOS) SSH connection: Success





      Do you know how to solve this problem?

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          best4net92 Lurker

          Finally I solved this problem myself.


          The cause of this issue was Microsoft Teams.

          After installing 'Microsoft Teams' and connecting my company account in 'Settings> Account> Access Work or School' to register my company account, Permission denied occurs when connecting to the guest PC as above.


          If I delete my company account, it works just fine.


          I don't know why this account is causing permission denied, but it's definitely a problem.


          Thank you.