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    vCenter server linked mode issue

    Satheeshkumar Enthusiast

      I had a vCenter server vCenter02 with 6.5 version(recently upgraded from 6.0 to 6.5).

      After upgraded, i have installed new vcenter(VCSA02) and added to the existing domain(SSO) for linked mode. After completion when i connect to the Old vCEnter server(vCEnter02).


      i am not able to see the new vcenter server under inventory as below.


      but when i connect to VCSA02 vcenter(new vcenter), i am able to access the both the vcenter servers as shown below.


      When i checked the system configuration from VCSA02, i am able to see both the nodes active state when i connect from VCSA02.

      But when i connect to old vCenter(vCenter02), under the nodes its showing as degrade state.



      Note: Both i have logged in with vsphere.local administrator account only,

      What might be the cause of issue and why its not showing both the vcenter servers.