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    No network connection between host and guest vm

    SchmidA2 Novice

      Product: VMware® Workstation 15 Pro

      Version: 15.5.2 build-15785246

      Host OS: Windows 10 1909


      VM Guest network mode: Bridge


      A few days ago I installed the newest Windows Updates on my host system and I also updated my installation of VMWare Workstation to the latest version.

      Today I wanted to use my previous working virtual machine.



      I can`t get an network connection (e.g. ping) between my host machine and my virtual machine (guest).

      The wired thing is that I can "ping" the virtual machine from other computers on my network. Only the network connection between host (where the VMWare Workstation software is running) and guest virtual machine are not working anymore? (in both directions)


      The host can reach all other computers, services, etc... on my network. Except the local guest virtual machine running in VMWare Workstation.


      I already tried the following things:

      - Disabled all firewalls on host and guest

      - Both machines can reach gateway and all network settings are correct

      - Checked that the correct network adapter is listed for "Bridge" mode and also tried specifying it...

      - Re-Install VMWare network components

      - Complete reinstallation of VMWare Workstation


      Any ideas what could be wrong here? Many thanks in advance.