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    VCD 8.0.2 storage policy problem

    Shin_Coldfire Lurker



      I have an old infrastructure with vCloud Director 8.0.2, and all works fine except one tenant. His VDC has a PAYG model and 900GB storage quota. Currently he consumes only 558GB, but when he or VCD admin tries to add 2gb ram to his VM, VCD fails with an error "The requested operation will exceed the VDC's storage quota: storage policy "Tier B" has 0 MB remaining, requested 2,048 MB". There is plenty of free storage on that storage policy and usage for this VDC not even close to its quota of 900GB. I thought that this must be an issue in VCD's database and searched for this VDC quota there, but it was same.


      The question is - where else can I search for the cause of this error? I didn't found any quotas for storage in underlying vSphere, so I don't know where to search next. The most simple solution, that I see, is to make a new VDC for our customer, but it is a hassle for him to migrate, so this solution is an last resort.


      I know that VCD8 is old, legacy product and we should migrate to latest version, but this is complicated for now, so any help is appreciated.

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          DjinjiRinji Novice


          I experienced similar issue with a tenant having few vApps showing double storage consumption than VMs inside the vApp.

          This is a known issue resolved on vCD 9.5 onwards. By opening a case with support they can confirm that and advise you to upgrade


          I recommend you upgrade VCD

          Moving VMs to new vApps and doing any other work on will not resolve the issue unfortunately


          As workaround you can increase the storage quota to allow tenant consume that capacity until you find a way to upgrade or migrate

          If you have concern about consumption having a dedicated Datastore for those VMs can make the trick of limiting those machines.




          Guillermo Ramallo


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            Shin_Coldfire Lurker


            Thank you for taking time in answering my question.


            Unfortunately, I have a slightly different problem. vCD itself and vApps report proper usage of storage space, I've even went to VCD DB and checked that value. It only miscalculates usage when trying to change resources. Even checked vSphere and there were no errors as well.


            My only option, that helped, was to add another VDC and have tenant to migrate to a new VDC.