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    VM occasionally resumes to grey screen

    chucker23n Novice

      Fusion Technology Preview 20H1, 15468164


      Windows Version 2004, 19041.207


      Most of the time, works really well, but sometimes, after the VM was suspended, it just resumes to a grey screen. The VM appears to run (so it could be some interaction problem between the Fusion UI and vmware-vmx?); I just can't see it. Asking the VM to restart (safely) also doesn't appear to do anything. Asking it to reset (unsafely) does work.


      You can see in the log at 11:40:28 that it's resuming (but I could never interact at that point). I think at 11:44:49 is the soft restart, which didn't seem to do anything, and at 11:45:10 is the hard reset.