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    NSX-T Edge CPU Support Issue

    T180985 Expert

      Hi All.


      Bit of a longshot here but thought I would also... I'm trying to deploy a nested NSX-T 3 environment but im having issues with the edge erroring with:

      (The Edge is deployed onto the physical host, not one of the nested hosts)

      Edge Hardware or Underlying Host is not supported


      Now I know my CPU(s) arent on the HCL (AMD Opteron 6234) for this but it does appear that it supports AES & 1GB Large Pages which are both mentioned in the prerequisites but when i SSH to the edge i still see the error:


      "* ERROR:  NSX Edge configuration has failed. Unsupported CPU: AMD Opteron(TM) Processor 6234"


      Is there a way to get the edge to ignore this? I would assume not but thought I would ask