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    Vmware lab using VMware workstation

    Ezra4no1 Lurker

      Anyone use VMworkstation to build a VMware Lab?


      I'm using an older server with 12cores\24threads 160GB ram,  1.5TB of drive space to run VMWorkstation for a VMware LAB, where it will do nesting with 2 or more ESXi, hosts, connecting to a FreeNAS VM. I have a Vcenter appliance and a DNS server running in VMs in Workstation. My objective is to set up HA between the two ESXi hosts and failover the VMS each host will will be running.


      My question... Anyone set anything like this in Workstation? Workstation sems more than capible to do this.



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          a.p. Guru
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          That should basically work.

          I'm currently running a Workstation based lab on a Win10 host with 32GB RAM which works just fine (limited by memory).

          The other lab I have, is an older server with 512GB RAM, running ESXi as the host OS.


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            svm2 Lurker

            I have been attempting to setup an environment like you mentioned. I am stuck before the FreeNAS part. My DCSVR01 (Windows Server 2012R2) VM can ping my ESX1 and ESX2, VCSA01 VSAN01 VMs; but is unable to launch the vSphere Client on either. The 3 network adapters are connected to the same VMNet2. In addition, I am unable to set the administrator password for the VCSA vm; also connected to the same VNET