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    Upgrading VCP-NV  - VMware Certification Site has Conflicting Policies in Upgrading the Certification

    asurania1 Lurker

      I Plan  to Upgrade my  VCP6-NV then do the VCAP-NV later this year.


      1. When i did my VCP6-NV I took the 2V0-642 exam.

      2. Am i allowed to retake the same exam to upgrade my certification to VCP-NV 2020 ?

      3. In the below link it states you can not take the same certification exam again once your passed. This is creating a conflict with VMware new certification upgrade policy.

      4. My assumption is that the below policy is no longer valid and the pdf needs to be updated


      https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/certification/vmw-certification-retake-policy.pdf   (Note this pdf is dated for 2017)

      "Once a candidate passes a proctored exam, they cannot take that exam again until a new major exam revision is released"