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    Host List - Configuration

    GParker72 Lurker

      Hi All,


      I've inherited Log Insight from someone else and am looking at the configuration of it, we are using version 8.0


      I've a question around the list of hosts .... Administration -> Management -> Hosts


      Where is this list pulled from and what determines the hosts are hosts.  


      The reason I'm asking is that I've multiple hosts in there that are not actually hosts, servers that are hosted in our vCenter (vCSA 6.7) but are not hosts.  There are even servers that are not hosted in the vCenter that is configured and I don't want to see them at all, they are in our domain but not managed by the vCenter we have configured.


      If anyone can shed some light on it would be much appreciated.

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          daphnissov Guru
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          The list of hosts are any sources that are sending logs (or have sent logs in the past) to vRLI. These are usually hosts sending syslogs over as opposed to the list of Agents which have the vRLI agent installed. You cannot remove hosts from that list as even a deleted system that has sent one log to vRLI will be displayed. It's not intended as an editable resource but rather as a list of sources.

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            GParker72 Lurker

            Ah ok that makes sense, as I couldn't figure out how to remove the ones I didn't want.  Thanks.


            I'm getting an SSL error .... Syslog client mysever.mydomain.com disconnected due to a SSL handshake problem.  These errors are being generated by servers that are not managed in this vCenter so my plan was to remove them.  But that won't be the answer to that now