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    Jamf Setup and Reset Apps to Ease Apple Device Management Chores

    chengtmskcc Expert

      Are there equivalent options in WS1 similar to what Jamf offers below?


      ' Jamf Setup is built to allow IT administrators to initially provision devices for users with multiple sets of apps, wallpapers, Home screen layouts, restrictions and more for various categories of users within an organization. Each set of apps is then listed by job category on a main menu where end users can then select the group of apps and other features that fit their specific jobs and requirements.'


      ' The Jamf Reset app is aimed at making it easier to reset and wipe a device in between users, without any direct attention from an IT administrator. Instead of a complicated reset procedure, device users can initiate a complete wipe and confidently erase their data by selecting the Jamf Reset app from the Home screen, which automatically carries out the wipe.'


      Jamf Launches Setup and Reset Apps to Power Shared-Use Devices for Any Workflow | Jamf 

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          chengtmskcc --


          • With regards to Jamf Setup, we've had similar functionality with our concept of "Staging" (multi-user or single user).   Basically you can use the Hub to provide a login screen where a successful login assigns the device to a specific user and then they get specific home screen layout, show/hide apps, etc.   Honestly, when we release our support for Shared iPad for Apple Business Manager, I almost don't see a need for the Jamf Setup app and/or our staging functionality.
          • We're exploring the need for this type of an app.   If you have specific use cases that it would address, please submit feedback here:   https://wsone-uem.ideas.aha.io/ideas  We've specifically addressed this use case in the Healthcare environment via our integration with Epic ( Enabling Patient Device Wipe with Epic & Workspace ONE UEM Integration | VMware  ), which actually doesn't require any interaction on the device as the wipe gets triggered when the patient is discharged.
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            chengtmskcc Expert

            Hi Robert,


            I'm quite familiar with 'staging' at both my previous and current positions. The challenge arises in response to COVID-19 which requires us to get the maximum usage from a limited number of shared devices such as iPads to be used by various caregivers and patients.


            Similar to Jamf Setup, a simple use-case could be that a single iPad is used by the nurse most of the time to monitor a patient's vital signs through a specific app or apps. A doctor may then require the use of the same iPad during his/her brief visit with the patient to review/update the medical record through an EMR app. At some point, the patient may want to use the same iPad to contact loved ones remotely with Facetime, WhatsApp, etc. Requiring a user login to switch between different profiles is not feasible.


            There's still so little information on Shared iPad for ABM. Can this serve the use-case described above?


            I appreciate the info on integrating WS1 with Epic. However, Jamf Reset will serve well for the use-case above.