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    VCP Requirement Question

    BarryUWSEFS Enthusiast

      I have been implementing/supporting  vSphere for over 10 years and Horizon for 5, VxRail for the last 2 years.  I thought during this lock down would be a good time to explore and study for VCP certification, especially since I am in between jobs. Then everything I read says it requires a $4250 class. Wow. I just wanted to verify that this is true, there is no way around this? You cannot just prove yourself via testing? I am not against attending a class, and would enjoy it, but I am not in a financial position to spend that money.

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          Tayfun DEGER Expert

          In order to get a VCP certificate, you must get training from a training center. VMware VCP certification cannot be obtained without training. Therefore, you will receive the Install Configure Manage or Optimize and Scale training and then take the exam.

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            There is literally only one path to any VCP for a newbie (to VMware training/certification) which does not include a training requirement: VCP-NV 2020 for those holding certain Cisco certifications.


            Choose either the NSX-V or NSX-T track here and select the Cisco path: VMware Certified Professional - Network Virtualization 2020 (VCP-NV 2020)


            So unless that's you, then you will have to meet the training requirement - as did every VCP in the world today (other than the Cisco folks who did NV)


            Once you get your first VCP (on any of the 5 solution tracks which have a VCP), there are options to keep certified and gain additional certifications with no additional training requirement.

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              BarryUWSEFS Enthusiast

              Okay, thanks. I recently moved to Medellin, Colombia, be curious if there is even training available here.


              I have 20 + years in IT, I can get by without this cert. My last MS cert was MCSE in Server 2000 LOL!