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    VMware VM customization reboot removes specific guest customization

    RuchikaBaweja Lurker

      I am an application user of Vmware VM . However, after reboot from VCD  on customer site,  my VM starts to customize itself again.

      We have some custom guest customization scripts which sets the server to correct state after creation i.e. creates ifcfg-eth* files, updates hostname etc. However, after most of the reboots, the VM customizes itself again and starts to change other parameters and my application crashes.

      We are using teh NFV 1.5 is based on ESXi 6.0 U2. VMs are based on RHEL 7.2.

      1. I am not able to find why this happens , as per VMware docs,

      "If the virtual machine name and network settings are updated on a virtual machine that has been customized, the next time you power on the virtual machine, it is re-customized".

      however I have not changed these properties

      2. I see that the /var/log/vmware-imc contains all the logs from this customization, and they are recreated everytime this problem appears and that vmware removes my ifcfg and  other entries

      3. This problem is not reproducible every time. Also, from one of the vmware blogs below,  Understanding Guest Customization , I see that the "Enable Guest Customization"  flag is responsible for the same. So, if I disable this "enable guest customization" flag after the guest customization has finished first time  , should there be a problem in the same?  Our VMs networks , computer name , ifcfg settings are the ones we don't want to change after the VM has been customized once.


      If the check box is selected, and the virtual machine's configuration parameters in vCloud Director are out of synch with the settings in the guest OS, the Profile tab on the virtual machines Properties page displays that the settings out of synch with the guest OS and the virtual machine needs guest customization.