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    Machine Targeted Group Policies not consistently loading in Horizon View Environment

    ppoirier85 Lurker

      I've seen a couple posts on this but I haven't seen an answer that seems to fit my issue. We have had random issues in the past with Group Policies not running on login but it seems like recently we have been getting a lot more reports of it (It is still inconsistent though) and it appears to specifically be our Machine-Targeted policies that are failing to load. In the last 2 months we have upgraded our View environment from 7.4 to 7.10 and also turned on Cloud Pod architecture. Here is the basic info on our environment:


      Cloud Pod:

      • 2 Sites with 1 Pod in each Site
      • 6 Production Global Entitlements
      • 4 Entitlements using Home Sites (2 in the remote site and 2 in the main site)

      System Layout:

      • 2 Data Centers (each are a separate Site in Cloud Pod)
      • 4 UAGs (2 in each DC) for external connections
      • 4 Connection Servers (2 in each DC)
      • 2 Composer Servers (1 in each DC)
      • SQL Availability Group (2 members)

      Agent VMs

      • Windows 7
      • Profile Management: Liquidware Labs Profile Unity


      I tried adding the GpNetworkStartTimeoutPolicyValue reg entry (with a 45 second value) as Microsoft recommended and also enabled the "Always wait for the network at startup and logon" local group policy (both in a test pool) but I am still getting inconsistent GP loads. Any suggestions would be appreciated.