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    vCenter 6.5 to 6.7 upgrade

    haimafriat Novice


      im considering upgrade my vcenter server from 6.5u3g(15505374) to vcenter 6.7u3f(15976714).

      i read the "back in time release upgrade restrictions (kb67077)" i looked over the matrix and noticed that my vcenter is not upgadable.

      i check the release dates of the version and i can see that my vcenter has no "back in time" secnario. (and yet, it appears as no upgradeble at the matrix.)

      my vcenter version and release date: vcenter 6.5U3g 15505374 released 1/30/2020.
      the latest vcenter version and release date:vcenter 6.7 15976714 released 4/9/2020.


      do i miss something?

      i have to make sure before any progress on my evvironment.


      thanks for your help