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    VMware in the Cloud

    Darren_DnFn Novice


      I might be posting this question in the wrong place, but I am curious to see what kind of product offerings VMware has in the cloud. Normally, I work in a lab environment where we have access to our equipment such as routers, switches and servers. However, since our portion of the lab is still fairly new, we never got around to setting up remote access so that we could connect either from our cubicles or over VPN from home. Of course, now that everyone is working from home, we have all this nice equipment that is just sitting there. We asked our boss if there was a possibility of getting remote access to our lab established, or possibly taking a clean server home, but of course with everything go on, the amount of time it would take for it to get approved, all the paper work and red tape to go through, it would take longer than we will all hopefully be stuck at home for.


      As such, I am looking for an interim solution that we can use to not only get our work down, but also be able to support the important critical services that are needed in times like these. I looking for more or less "a lab in the sky" type of environment where we can build and use our own VMs. Our work and personal laptops, simply don't have the power to run the VMs we need, so we need something with a little extra power. Does VMware have such a solution, and if so what is it? Also if such a solution does exist, would you mind giving a brief synopsis and a short review of the product so that I can get a sense of it.


      Thanks in advance for your help