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    ESXi 4.1 Missing Disk?

    Skatan Lurker

      Hello everyone,


      today I had to upgrade the firmware of my 3ware RAID controller in order to start my - quite old - server with ESXi 4.1. Before this the server wasn't starting at all from one day to another.


      Now I face two issues which I am not sure if they existed before.


      I have a RAID 10 - configuration (please see attachment) with 6 disks.


      Am I right that disk 4 is missing at all and disk 3 has a failure an should be replaced?


      Thanks for your help in interpreting the picture!


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          bewe Expert

          is your storage accessible ?

          i wonder what part of the raid the 2 missing disks have? are they spare disks?

          if you have 3 mirror sets in your raid10 then the storage cant be accessible anymore

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            Skatan Lurker

            I didn't set this up and even don't understand it ... I only know that there should be 6 disks.


            ATM the list looks like in the attachment, which confuses me even more.


            Volume is accessible!

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              bewe Expert

              the attachment couldnt be opened.


              also look into the controller bios and verify the configuration - there you should see how the raid is defined and see errors of the disks


              is the storage acessible ?

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                Skatan Lurker

                Will check the controller bios asap.


                Today I just had a smart failure - before I upgraded controller firmware.


                Also, the storage is acessible now and runs two VMs (as it did the last years).


                I add the attachment again and a second one showing the smart failure - these messages were gone later, after firmware update


                Edit: seems to be a RAID 50

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                  vFouad Hot Shot
                  vExpertVMware Employees

                  Ouch Raid 5 with a double failure...


                  You should really reach out to a data recovery service at this point, as you could damage your chances for getting anything back.


                  There are a few data recovery people on this forum and there is a KB I'll attach below.

                  VMware Knowledge Base


                  Ontrack offers a free data recovery assessment, I think drive savers also does the same.


                  Kind regards,



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                    Skatan Lurker

                    Thanks for your opinion ... I think I will build or buy a new server. The are SAS drives impossible to find for a decent price.

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                      vFouad Hot Shot
                      vExpertVMware Employees

                      Another option may be to purchase an external SAN/NAS solution.

                      Then you could have multiple servers attached to the same "shared" storage. This would give you the ability to have extra compute/compute redundancy, and most modern (even low end) SAN/NAS options have data integrity alerting and usually some form of upgrade support.


                      I hope you have a good backup of the data on the array and that your recovery process isn't painful.

                      In any case I would export the VM's you have access too as an ovf/ova as soon as possible in case the RAID drops off again.


                      Kind regards,