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    vCloud Director 10 Branding , openAPI call error "minorErrorCode": "NOT_AUTHENTICATED",

    santapaz Novice

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to edit the vCloud Director 10 system (provider) Branding via openapi calls (as per documentation).


      Getting  (GET )the branding works.


      Setting (PUT) do not work.

      My POSTMAN params are:




      Using Basic Authorization with username and password .

      Tried appeding @system on username . did not work.


      Authorization Basic XXXXX

      Content-Type: application/json

      Accept */*

      Host: calculated during runtime






          "portalName": "MYCLOUD",

          "selectedTheme": {

              "themeType": "BUILT_IN",

              "name": "Default"




      response : HTTP 401 status code




          "minorErrorCode": "NOT_AUTHENTICATED",

          "message": "[ 3cd87997-71c2-4f57-96d0-dfac633c818f ] This operation is denied.",

          "stackTrace": null



      Any help?


      Many thanks in advance