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    Update vCenter form 6.7.4000 to 6.7.43000

    Hr_Ross76 Novice




      vCenter isnt connected to Internet, so Upgrade must be offline.

      I got following erros in the log after trying to update via stage iso process.


      error=error: Failed dependencies:

      libgcc = 5.3.0-5.ph1 is needed by (installed) libstdc++-5.3.0-5.ph1.x86_64

      openssl = 1.0.2r-1.ph1 is needed by (installed) openssl-c_rehash-1.0.2r-1.ph1.x86_64

      python3 < 3.5.6-9.ph1 conflicts with python3-devel-3.5.6-9.ph1.x86_64

      python3-libs = 3.5.6-5.ph1 is needed by (installed) python3-3.5.6-5.ph1.x86_64

      VMware-Postgres-libs = is needed by (installed) VMware-Postgres-

      VMware-Postgres-libs = is needed by (installed) VMware-Postgres-odbc-

      VMware-Postgres-libs = is needed by (installed) VMware-Postgres-pg_archiver-


      How can i fix taht?