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    Add other domain to Horizon

    AlphaSun Lurker



      I actually have a horizon server in domain "domainA". I have an other domain "domainB", i would like the users from domainB to use the horizon server.


      At this point I have a bidirectional approbation between domainA and domainB. The new domain appears in the Horizon Administrator window but in red status saying "error cannot contact domain".


      I disactivated firewall but its the same. I added in DNS domainB conditional redirects in domainA and vice versa.


      The new domain doesnt appear in the domain list on the Horizon client.


      Could you please help me ?


      Thanks a lot

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          Shreyskar Expert
          VMware Employees

          Hi AlphaSun


          Please follow VMware Knowledge Base  to include the domain in horizon view and see if it helps.

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            Amin Masoudifard Expert

            Regardless of knowing how to work with vdmadmin CLI to include and exclude list of domain names, please tell me about the relation between domainA & domainB and the structure ...

            Are they inside a single forest? in this case you can see list of all tree and child domains belongs to this forest by default (If a consider domainA as the forest root domain). Then you can edit their appearance via the vdmadmin command and exclude some of them if you don't need to see them in the available domain list for login operations ...

            If they are not inside a single forest, is there any trust relationship between them or not?!

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