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    NSX-T Load Balancer IP Blocking

    chadc1979 Novice

      Good afternoon


      so trying to figure out what is blocking what, I’ve got a paid of load balanced NGINX WAF appliances in the DMZ behind an NSX-T load balancer that has a public VIP.


      Now some kid is trying to do a denial of service I’m guessing and is currently being successful as I now get a 502 Bad Gateway, looking at IIS I cant find anything in the logs that it’s blocked the reverse proxies and not going through the LB VIP I can hit the backend web server.


      I installed IIS IP Security and set the DMZ subnet as allowed.


      That however didn’t fix the issue so my question is, will NSX-T block the traffic of NGINX to the backend web server?


      I can’t find anything on the subject so hoping someone here might be able to help point me in the right direction.