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    Basic Installation Help

    bob12541 Lurker



      I am trying to learn about vCentre and generally how it works.  To this end I thought I would work through an installation procedure.  So, using 6.5 I went about installing it.

      I have a physical server on to which I’ve installed Windows Server 2012.  I’ve setup a domain and then have attempted to install the software.

      I reach the bit where it asks for ESXi host or vCenter Serer name, I put into the this my new domain which I’ve created.  For credentials I’ve added the details of the administrator of the physical machine.

      When I click next I see an error which states ‘Failed to get an SSL thumbprint of the target server certificate’

      Any idea how I can resolve this please?

      I am using the vCenter Server Appliance Installer.

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          IRIX201110141 Master


          1. vSphere doesnt need Windows AD

          2. "domain" (Windows AD) is different to DNS (domian name service)

          3. Yes, vSphere needs a proper DNS

          4. You need to know the different of IP vs. FQHN vs. Hostname


          You should post a screenshot of the installer and where you are.  For me it sounds like the installer would like to know where to Install/Register the VCSA and there are to choices

          1. an existing vCenter

          2. an existing ESXi Host


          If you start a greenfield/test environment you need option 2 and you have to specify it in a way the installer can understand and find the webservice he is looking for.



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            bob12541 Lurker

            Thanks for your reply.  Like I said I am new to this.


            So this is a green install.  So when its asking for that ESXi information is not asking for the location of where to install something, its asking for something that already been installed?


            What is that?  Can it be installed on the same servers as I am installing the server appliance to ?


            (I've attached a screenshot)

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              bewe Expert

              ok it looks like you are trying to install the vcsa onto the windows-server ? thats not possible

              you need at least one esxi-host where you can deploy it

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                bob12541 Lurker

                ok, looks like I have misunderstood what I need.


                So my requirements are to install a setup (whatever that may be....)  into which I can create several VMs.  I then wish to use this environment to learn how to apply scripts to all these VMs to manage certain aspects of them.


                I was under the impression that I needed to install the vCenter Server Appliance in order to achieve this.  If this is not the case I would be grateful for some steerage of what I actually need?

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                  bewe Expert

                  that depends on the hardware you have available.

                  for an esxi-host the minimum is 2 cores and 4gb ram, but 4gb isnt enough because you have to deploy the vcsa into the esxi. the smallest deploymentsize of the vcsa (tiny) needs 2 cpu and 10gb ram. so 16gb is the minimum. you also want to install vm which need additional memory

                  also you must check if your hardware is compatible to esxi.

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                    IRIX201110141 Master



                    Question: Do you have already an ESXi Host up and running?

                    [ ] Yes

                    [ ] No



                    If no. You have to install one first. The ESXi is a Operating System and runs on top of the phys. Server.


                    If yes.  Start the VCSA installer on a system of your choice (your local PC/Laptop or inside a Virtual Machine like your Windows DC).  When the installier ask for the local on where to install the VCSA you enter the IP Adress of your ESXi Host.


                    The VCSA have some requirements but these answers we will give you later



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                      bob12541 Lurker

                      No, At the minute I just have a clean Windows 2012 server.


                      10 GB RAM

                      Xeon E31220 @ 3.10Ghz


                      Do you have a link to the ESXi that I should be installing first please? I'm assuming the ESXi and VCSA can be on the same physical machine?  (I only have one physical server)

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                        IRIX201110141 Master

                        Download VMware vSphere Hypervisor for Free



                        But as mentioned above

                        1. ESX OS needs as minimum 4GB

                        2. The VCSA as a VM needs 8/12GB?

                        3. Per addidional VM 1-4GB or more Memory  depends on the number of Apps


                        Yes, you can run and install the VCSA as a VM on top of the one and only ESXi you have. With only one Host and no shared storage the VCSA is not so much needed and maybe you should shut it down after playing with.


                        You can give it a try just for see how it works.



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                          nachogonzalez Enthusiast

                          Hey, based on what was replied before.
                          Just a random thought, why don't you have a look at VMWare hands on labs
                          I'm pretty sure there is no ESXi or vCenter installation guide (that's a payed course) but you can learn the management essentials.

                          In addition here are some additional points:
                          You will require an ESXi host (VMware hypervisor) installed on a phyisical server and There you will deploy your vcenter as a virtual machine.



                          On this video  you can see how to deploy esxi
                          Here you can see how to deploy vCenter