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    vSphere Foundations exam

    travb Lurker

      I was looking to take the 6.7 vSphere foundations exam and I noticed that Version 7 has just been released. I can't seem to see any reference to a new exam. Can anyone shed some light on when a new exam might be available or if there would be some available training? I can see that vSphere 6.5 Foundations was retired on August 30, 2019 having been released in Nov 2016 so I imagine 6.7 might be a valid exam for some time still.

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          I confirm that the exams have not been released for version 7 which has just come out.

          The useful exam is still version 6.7. You can safely do the "Foundation 6.7" which will remain for several months



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            scott28tt Guru
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              travb Lurker

              Hi, thanks for the reply. As vmware has changed their exam format, do you think Foundations would tie into that same style where the year is the identifier? I'm just not certain I could move onto VCP-DCV 2020 certification as soon as I might like to and would worry that money spent on a 6.7 course could be wasted

              What is a good time frame for Foundations exam study and then from there VCP-DCV? I've had a few years experience working at an MSP using versions 4.1 - 6.5 but mostly on free ESXi doing the basics.

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                Exams for vSphere 7.0 are probably a couple of months away from being released (although I'm a VMware employee I do not work in the education/certification team)


                Even when they are released, the 6.7 exams will be retained for some period of time before being retired.


                So, whether you should wait for 7.0 exams or proceed on 6.7 will most likely be determined by your own personal timeline on when you want to be a VCP - whether you pass 6.7 exams or 7.0 exams you would be a VCP-DCV 2020 if you complete all requirements this year.